Indiana Corn Marketing Council works to enhance the value of corn for Indiana corn farmers.


Indiana Corn Marketing Council will be a catalyst for innovation and leadership for the Indiana grain industry.

First established in 2001, the Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) is made up of 17 farmer-directors and is charged with overseeing the investment of Indiana Corn Checkoff.
ICMC directors are responsible for ensuring that those funds are used in programs that can strengthen Indiana’s corn industry
Under its strategic plan, ICMC directors identified eight major initiatives: Ethanol, Livestock, Production & Research, Environmental Programs, Grain Marketing, Public Affairs, Communications and New Uses.
2014 Board of Directors

District 1
John Whaley, Brook

District 2
Dean Eppley, Wabash

District 3
Dennis Maple, President, Greentown

District 4
Matt Martin, Kingman

District 5
Michael Shuter, Frankton

District 6
David Howell, Middletown

District 7
Dennis Whitsitt, Huntingburg

District 8
David Gottbrath, Vice President, Pekin

District 9
Gerald Gauck, Treasurer, Milan

At-Large Directors
Mike Beard, At-Large, Secretary, Frankfort
Mike Nichols, At-Large, Rockport
Mark Bacon, At-Large, Milroy
Ronnie Mohr, At-Large, Greenfield
Ralph Kauffman, At-Large, Atlanta
Herb Ringel, At-Large, Wabash

Voting Ex-Officio Members
Randy Kron, Farm Bureau
Mike Buis, Purdue University

Ex-Officio Appointees
Ted McKinney, Indiana State Dept of Agriculture
Dan Kramer, Indiana State Dept of Agriculture
Marshall Martin, Purdue University
Sen. Richard Young, Indiana General Assembly
Rep. Don Lehe, Indiana General Assembly
Sen. Jean Leising, Indiana General Assembly
Rep. Kreg Battles, Indiana General Assembly

Staff Directory