E15 is a gasoline blend that is 15 percent ethanol, which is 5 percent more than the national standard.  E15 is a benefit for Indiana corn farmers as it increases the demand for ethanol.  In January 2011, the EPA  approved the use of E15 in 2001 and newer vehicles.  Unlike E10, E15 is an option and not a mandate.

The Department of Energy tested six million miles on E15 (the equivalent of 12 round trips to the moon) and found no issues with the fuel.  In fact, the use of E15 nationwide would reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by 39.5 million tons.  It’s safe, has  higher octane levers for cleaner engines, reduces knock, winterizes better than E10 and increases overall vehicle performance.

In July 2014, NASCAR surpassed six million miles driven on E15. The partnership between NCGA and NASCAR has offered the public an opportunity to see the importance and value of E15.  Click here to read our article on the event.  

For more info on E15, see the Renewable Fuel Association's fact sheet (pdf).


Flex Fuel Vehicles

As their name implies, Flex Fuel Vehicles can use a spectrum of fuels, from unleaded to blends consisting of 85 percent ethanol.  Vehicles that use E85 have higher octane levels than traditional fuels.  Additionally, the fuel burns cleaner, performs higher and benefits the environment compared.

Smartphone Apps 

If you have a smartphone of GPS, apps are available to help you locate where E15 and E85 is sold throughout the United States. Click the links below for more information.