The ICMC Board of Directors


The Indiana Corn Marketing Council Board of Directors consists of 17 Indiana corn farmers from nine districts in the state. The board also has at-large and non-voting members.  Directors are elected for a three-year term and elections take place every summer.

District Directors

District 1
Natasha Cox, Benton

District II
Herb Ringel, Wabash - Vice President

District III
Jacob Walker, Waterloo  - Demand Committee Chair 

District IV
Paul Hodgen, Putnam

District V

Mike Beard, Frankfort

District VI
David Howell, Middletown

District VII
James (JR) Roesner, Dubois County

District VIII
David Gottbrath, Pekin - President

District IX
Gerald Gauck, Milan

Mark Bacon, Milroy
Sarah Delbecq, Auburn - Secretary
Dennis Maple, Greentown - Treasurer
Joshua Miller, Madison 
Ronnie Mohr, Greenfield
Mike Nichols, Rockport
David Ring, Dubois
Kelly Whiteman Snipes, Rochester - Supply Committee Chair

Ex-Officio Directors

Non-Voting Ex Officios:

Sen. Jim Arnold
Dan Kramer (First Purchaser)*
Rep. Don Lehe
Sen. Jean Leising
Dr. Marshall Martin (Purdue Research Representative)
Ted McKinney (Secretary of Agriculture Appointee)
Melanie Wright (House Minority Leader Appointee)

Voting Ex-Officios:

Kevin Underwood (Largest Farm Organization)**
James Benham (Second Largest Farm Organization)**

For more information:

*Appointed by Indiana State Department of Agriculture
**Appointed by Dean of Agriculture, Purdue University