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Flex Fuel Pump Grant Program

ICMC understands the need to develop markets for environmentally friendly, renewable American made ethanol blended fuels and to provide consumers with an affordable fuel choice at the pump. ICMC has developed the Flex Fuel Pump Grant Program to promote, expand and develop the ethanol blended fuels market by helping retail fuel stations with the cost of converting old pumps or installing new ethanol flex pumps.

Flex Fuel Pump Locations in Indiana

Thanks to ICMC’s Flex Fuel Pump Grant Program, drivers of Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) can fill up on mid-level ethanol blends (E15-E85) at 14 stations around Indiana. Click here to see a map of where these pumps are.

In 2015, Iroquois BioEnergy Company (IBEC) recently opened a retail site to offer ethanol blends, including E10, E15, E30 and E85, at their ethanol plant in Rensselaer, Ind. The retail fueling station was partially funded by an Indiana Corn Marketing Council Flex Fuel Infrastructure Grant. Read more about that project here and expect to see E15 available at other locations throughout Indiana.

2015 Ethanol Forum

The 2015 Indiana Ethanol Forum, hosted by Indiana Corn Growers Association, featured several engaging speakers focusing on exciting new research, new market opportunities and updates on RFS and its status in DC. The Indiana Corn Marketing Council also presented the updated "Impact of the Ethanol Industry on the Economy of Indiana" report.

2014 Ethanol Economic Impact Study

The “Economic Impact of the Ethanol Industry on Indiana’s Economy in 2014” was prepared for the Indiana Corn Marketing Council to highlight the economic impact of Indiana’s ethanol industry. The study, completed in March 2015, was done by Informa Economics. In 2014, Indiana produced an estimated 989 million gallons of ethanol and had a net contribution to the state’s GSP of $934 million, including farmer income of $315 million.

2013 Ethanol Economic Impact Study

The Contribution of Ethanol to the Economy of Indiana report by ABF Economics was prepared for the Indiana Corn Marketing Council to highlight the economic impact of Indiana’s ethanol industry. In 2013, Indiana’s 12 operating ethanol plants accounted for $538 million in gross state product and supported more than 4,100 full-time jobs.

2013 Indiana Ethanol Forum

Indiana Corn Marketing Council was a proud sponsor the 2013 Indiana Ethanol Forum. The ethanol industry is an important driver to Indiana’s economy and the state’s corn farmers. The Indiana Ethanol Forum is in place as an opportunity for leaders from around the state – and country – in agriculture, ethanol production, economic development and government to discuss the state of the ethanol industry today and how we can work together to move it forward.

2011 Ethanol Economic Impact Study

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council’s April 2011 Economic Impact Analysis of Indiana’s ethanol industry was conducted by Informa Economics to determine the direct and indirect economic effects of ethanol production on other industries throughout the state. The study is the second installment of a previous study conducted in 2010.

Click below to download PDFs of presentations and documents from the 2010 Forum:

USDA Report: 2008 Energy Balance for the Corn-Ethanol Industry, June 2010

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