About ICMC

Delivering high returns on your checkoff investments

Founded in 2001, the Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) is Indiana corn farmers’ marketing arm, and so much more. It’s a statewide organization that serves Indiana corn farmers through checkoff programs that help create demand and broaden markets — opening opportunities down the road and across the globe for Indiana’s corn farmers. 

ICMC puts the Indiana corn checkoff to work with checkoff investments and:

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Provides practical and applicable research by investing in on-farm programs such as INfield Advantage and supporting research partnerships like those with Purdue University.

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Promotes new and expanding markets, including corn-based ethanol to fuel retailers across the state and ensuring Indiana’s corn has a viable market with Indiana’s livestock.

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Educates consumers and influences leaders on important topics like the impacts of poor rural infrastructure to our industry and the state.

Hoosier farmers grow more than just corn and soybeans. They are growing a strong and profitable industry with countless opportunities for generations to come. Find out more about how Indiana farmers help create a viable and profitable industry through checkoff programs.

Our mission is your success

ICMC works to enhance the value of corn for Indiana corn farmers.

Our vision is to push the industry forward 

ICMC will be a catalyst for innovation and leadership for the Indiana grain industry.

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Understanding Our Organizations

What is the corn checkoff?

The corn checkoff* is a fully farmer-funded program governed by a 17-member peer-elected board that oversees the use of checkoff funds for the ICMC. The checkoff collects one-half cent on each bushel of corn marketed in Indiana.

Farmers do have the right to a refund within the law if they choose not to support the corn checkoff program. To get a refund, a farmer must fill out the refund application.

Review ICMC revenue and expenses for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018

The checkoff funds are used only to support activities allowed under the state corn checkoff law.

*The checkoff does not apply to popcorn, seed corn or sweet corn.

What’s the difference between ICMC and ICGA?

The Indiana Corn Growers Association (ICGA) provides membership to corn growers and is committed to representing Indiana farmers on critical policy and regulatory issues affecting the corn industry. 

Even though policy actions are educationally supported by the corn checkoff through ICMC, these funds cannot be used to fund policy programs. Therefore, membership dollars are collected through active members of ICGA to fund policy work. 

Become a member of ICGA now and let your voice be heard.

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