Board of Directors

In good hands

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) board, which is responsible for overseeing the investment of Indiana corn checkoff funds, is composed of 15 elected corn farmers and two directors appointed to represent Indiana farm organizations.

Directors are elected for a three-year term and elections take place every summer.

Additionally, the board includes eight non-voting members — two representing first purchasers, one representing the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), one representing Purdue University, and four representing the Indiana General Assembly.

District l 
Natasha Cox, Benton

District II
Christian Rosen, Urbana

District III
Jacob Walker, Waterloo

District IV
Paul Hodgen, Putnam

District V
Mike Beard, Frankfort

District VI
Adam Howell, Middletown

District VII
James (JR) Roesner, Ferdinand

District VIII
Luke Schnitker, Seymour

District IX
John Adam JR., Sellersburg


Tim Gauck, Greensburg
Sarah Delbecq, Auburn
Dennis Maple, Greentown
Joshua Miller, Anderson
David Ring, Huntingburg
Kelly Whiteman Snipes, Rochester

Ex-Officio Appointments

Voting Ex-Officios (appointed by Dean of Agriculture, Purdue University):

Jeff Gormong-Largest General Farm Organization
Matt Brandyberry-Second Largest General Farm Organization

Non-Voting Ex-Officios:

Bruce Kettler- Director of ISDA
Sarah Delbecq-ICGA President
Tim Baumgart-First Purchaser Representative
Open-First Purchaser Representative
Don Lehe-Indiana General Assembly 
Open-Indiana General Assembly
Sen. Jean Leising-Indiana General Assembly
Mark Stoops-Indiana General Assembly
Dr. Marshall Martin-Dean of Agriculture Appointee
Harry Wilmoth-Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency

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ICMC Committees

The ICMC also elects members to fill six committeesThese committees are focused on specific initiatives, including governance, budget and finance, as well as market supply and demands. See our full list of committee members below.

Officers/Executive Committee

  • President: Mike Beard
  • Vice President: Josh Miller
  • Secretary: Jacob Walker
  • Treasurer: Sarah Delbecq
  • Chair Demand: Paul Hodgen
  • Chair Supply: JR Roesner
  • Staff Support: Jane Ade Stevens, Chantel Rammel & Chris Weldon

Governance Committee

  • Chair: David Ring
  • Jeff Gormong
  • JR Roesner
  • Kelly Whiteman-Snipes
  • Tim Gauck
  • Staff support: Jane Ade Stevens, Chris Weldon & Hannah Vorsilak

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Chair: Sarah Delbecq
  • Demand: Natasha Cox
  • Supply: Denny Maple
  • Staff support: Jane Ade Stevens, Anna McConnell & Chantel Rammel

Demand Committee (grain marketing, livestock, new uses & ethanol)

  • Chair: Paul Hodgen
  • Christian Rosen
  • David Ring
  • Josh Miller
  • Matt Brandyberry
  • Natasha Cox
  • Sarah Delbecq
  • Tim Gauck
  • Staff support: Ed Ebert, Andy Tauer, Julie Ohmen, Helena Jette, & Robyn Shelley

Supply Committee (production and environment, organization services, public affairs)

  • Chair:JR Roesner
  • Adam Howell
  • Denny Maple
  • Jacob Walker
  • Jeff Gormong
  • John Adam
  • Kelly Whiteman-Snipes
  • Luke Schnitker
  • Staff support: Melanie Fitzpatrick, Hannah Vorsilak, Melanie Batalis, Steve Howell, Aly Wells, Lauren Taylor & Liz Kelsay