Look at how far we’ve come

A voluntary Indiana corn checkoff, administered by Indiana Corn Growers Association, was first established in 2001. In July 2007, following a vote by the Indiana General Assembly, a new mandatory corn checkoff program with a refund provision went into effect to manage funds collected at the first point of sale and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council was established.

The rest is history. See for yourself below. 

A voluntary Indiana corn checkoff, administered by Indiana Corn Growers Association was established 


Indiana Corn Marketing Council established in July to manage the new checkoff law


ICMC was a local presenting sponsor of the original Amazing Maize exhibit that premiered at the Indiana State Museum


Updates to the corn checkoff law were made by the Indiana General Assembly & ICMC's Public Affairs initiative began


Indiana state museum debuted a smaller, traveling Amazing Maize exhibit that is now touring the state, including a stop at the Indiana State Fair each year. We’re excited the Amazing Maize exhibit is on the road, educating more Indiana residents on the role corn plays in not only our rural communities, but our state as a whole 


Grand opening of the Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center — the automated plant phenotyping facility at Purdue University funded in part and sponsored by ICMC and Indiana Soybean Alliance