Fueling the growth of ethanol

Indiana-grown and Indiana-processed ethanol is a renewable fuel that benefits Indiana’s economy. The ethanol industry continues to grow, and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) is here to help grow its production and usage through research, education and promotion. 

Ethanol in the U.S. and Indiana has become a main driver of economic growth supporting, directly or indirectly, corn farmers and businesses within their supply chain. Our objective is to make sure this important market for Indiana-grown corn remains viable and healthy.

What's the benefit? The ICMC works to promote new and expanding market opportunities by educating Indiana drivers about ethanol choices at the pump, promoting e15 and e85 usage and investing in research to understand the benefits of ethanol to our state.

Indiana is well-positioned to grow its leadership role in ethanol production and usage now and into the future. With 14 plants in the state and approximately one-third of the state's crop converted into ethanol, the ethanol industry is already positively serving Indiana's economy and corn farmers. To learn about ethanol's economic impact in Indiana, download our 2014 ethanol economic impact study by Informa Economics.

Ethanol pump grants

ICMC has partnered with the Indiana Office of Energy Development, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana Clean Cities and South Shore Clean Cities to offer the Hoosier Homegrown Fuels (HHF) Grant Program. This grant program is focused on offering higher ethanol-blended fuels, like E15 and E85, to drivers across the state.

Find a pump location near you! 

Ethanol-blended fuels are a safe and readily-available choice at the pump.

ICMC has provided additional resources to help show Indiana drivers that Ethanol really is the clear choice when it comes to clearing the air.

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Higher ethanol-blended fuels

Do you have a passenger vehicle model year 2001 or newer or a Flex Fuel Vehicle? If so, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approves higher ethanol-blended fuel for use in your car. Here's what you need to know before filling up with E15 or E20 at the pump: 

  • E15 and E20 are innovative, higher-octane fuels composed of 15-20% ethanol and 80-85% gasoline
  • More than 80% of cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today are approved to fill up with higher ethanol-blended fuels 
  • 250+ million miles have been driven in vehicles fueled with E15 − with no reported cases of engine damage or misfueling
  • Since 2011, ethanol-blended fuels have provided consumers with higher-octane, lower-priced fuel options at the pump

(Source: Renewable Fuels Association)


Does your vehicle have a yellow gas cap? If so, you can use E85. You can also check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Here's what you need to know before filling up with E85 at the pump: 

  • E85 is an ethanol-blended fuel that should be used only in Flex Fuel Vehicles; it is composed of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline
  • E85 is a high-octane, high-performance and high-alcohol fuel, which makes it ideal for boosting horsepower. E85 burns cooler and keeps your engine and fuel system clean
  • E85 reduces emissions more than 30% over traditional gasoline and is recognized as a Clean Air Choice® by the American Lung Association

E85 Stations Indiana

Ethanol Events

The Indiana Ethanol Forum, hosted by Indiana Corn Growers Association, features several engaging speakers focusing on exciting new research, new market opportunities and updates on RFS and its status in D.C. The ICMC also presents on the current impacts of ethanol to Indiana’s economy.

Want to Learn More?

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